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Woori Technology
Company Name Woori Technology Co., Ltd.
CEO Roh Gab-seon
Date of establishment March 1993
Business Place 9, World Cup Buk-ro 56-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Woori Technology Building 4th floor, Sangam-dong)
Industry Switchboard and electric control panel manufacturing
Business System (nuclear power) business, SOC (Railway) business, bio business, defense business
Category KOSDAQ listed company
Woori Technology a global leader that leads nuclear I&C.
Woori Technology’s nuclear technology is the best in the world.
For 25 years, we have developed and supplied 100% our own technologies for surveillance, alarm and control system of nuclear power plants. Particularly, we succeeded in localization of MMIS (Man Machine Interface System), which is the core technology of nuclear power, for the fourth time globally.
Additionally, we have the quality assurance ability that demands the highest safety records and provide the clearest and most reliable solution proven with accumulated experience and technology.
Woori Technology has realized customer-oriented production, quality, and delivery with our high-technology, high-quality, and high-reliability product innovation that has never stopped.
On the basis of our experience in the domestic market, we will continue to pursue our technological passion and efforts to expand into a variety of overseas markets, including large-scale new nuclear power plants and SMART nuclear power plants.
Woori Technology is leading the new future of railway control systems.
Woori Technology has a unique technology for safety control systems. Especially for the railway industry, we are able to provide all the services from rail control system supply to installation, test, commissioning, maintenance, and repair.
For instance, the flagship platform screen door (PSD: Platfom Screen Door) has been developed as a common platform according to EN standards, with SIL4 certification, the highest international safety rating.
VPSD is a new type of vertical platform screen door that is very convenient to install and can be applied to existing or new stations with various numbers of doors.
On the basis of our achievements in overseas markets, we are leading the next generation global VPSD market, not only in Europe but also in the Philippines and Thailand.
WOORI TECHNOLOGY is a professional solution-provider in the field of marine industry.
To rapidly respond to the change in government policies and participate more actively in the transformation of the global energy market, WOORI TECHNOLOGY has held the technology of constructing and installing the offshore wind enegy facilities through the takeover of CGO registered as Korea's only renewable energy and offshore wind power generation-specialized company.
Accordingly, we at WOORI TECHNOLOGY promise to grow and develop as an comprehensive marine solution provider as the driving force for the development of domestic and international communities by strengthening the existing main businesses and also expanding the business area to the renewable energy field, and providing the best services to customers through the bolstered overseas businesses to lead the Korean marin industry field and grow to become a world-class comprehensive marine solution provider based on technology and experience of integrated control.
Woori Technology contributes to human health promotion and happiness pursuit.
Woori Technology has secured new technology by continuously investing in Fusion Biotechnology business.
Beginning with the 2014 Fusion Biotechnology business using electrical and electronic technology, we successfully completed the government-funded development project for plant-based medical protein production in 2017.
By establishing Woori Biome Co.,Ltd in 2018, we are carrying out the early diagnosis kit business for refractory and chronic disease including cancer and myocardial infarction.
With the next generation blockbuster products such as quick and easy in vitro diagnostic solution and anti-diabetic antibody treatment, Woori Technology will take a step forward as a biotechnology company that contributes to human health promotion and happiness pursuit.
Woori Technology provides the best solution for the defense industry.
Woori Technology is entering into tactical tire business of defense industry regarding it as our second major field.
Establishing KRC Co., Ltd in 2018, we are planning to continuously grow the Run-Flat business, the High Strength Forged Alloy Wheel business, and the Military Controller and Robot System business.
Besides, we will contribute to domestic defense industry by providing optimal solutions such as development of domestic run-flat for munition vehicles, safe running at high speed, high strength, and miniaturization, so that we can do our best for the safety and peace of the people.
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