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"Woori Technology realizes customer value with the best quality by continuous technological innovation through R&D"
Founded in 1993, Woori Technology succeeded in localization of main control facility (MMIS / nuclear control measurement system), which is core technology of nuclear power plant, with 100% proprietary technology through continuous R&D investment. Now we are challenging the nuclear power plant market with the quality assurance capability of the nuclear power sector requiring the highest safety.

In addition, on the basis of accumulated technology (SIL4 grade) based on high reliability and stability, we have been performing in the industry of railway control system focusing on PSD (Platform Screen Door), and are now expanding our business to defense business by producing tactical tires used in combat vehicles.
In particular, we have expanded our business field to Bio industry and are now in the process of developing in vitro diagnostic solutions that can easily examine cancer, sepsis, and intractable disease as well as developing new drugs for macular degeneration therapeutic antibodies that cause blindness.

We will grow as Korea’s unique comprehensive marine solution company by holding the technology of constructing and installing offshore wind power generation facilities through the takeover of CGO, a company registered as a renewable energy and offshore wind power generation-specialized company in 2019.
WOORI TECHNOLOGY has continuously developed with constant challenge and passion and we are expanding our business range to railway, national defense and offshore wind power, and bio, increasing competitiveness in the future.
We will put emphasis on developing and securing the original technology in order to produce the best quality products and grow to the global top-tier company.

Thank you for your love and interest in Woori technology, and I look forward to your continued interest and encouragement as we continue to advance and take a leap to the next stage.

Thank you.
Woori Technology CEO,
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