Woori Technology
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Run Flat Business
The next generation of wheeled military vehicles essentially need to ensure mobility and survivability so that they can operate efficiently even under extreme weather and terrain conditions.
With that in mind, we applied original design to ensure stable steering and driving performance even when tire pressure loss due to tire breakage. We also developed Run-flat products to repair and replace tires with quality that meets US and NATO standards.
Based on these technologies, we are producing and supplying run-flat related products to wheel-type military vehicle manufacturers.
Wheel business
The wheels used for special vehicles are supposed to drive packed, unpacked roads, and make a sharp turn, so they usse one tire per axle and use high strength aluminum forged wheels.
Therefore, we have secured Static&Dynamic strength by using optimized design technology and have supplied various standard wheels. Our self-performance tests include high-intensity, lightweight, and shape optimizations to maximize quality and reliability.
Military Controller Business
KRC Co., Ltd has developed air conditioning dust system called Firmware, which diagnoses the temperature and pressure inside the armored vehicle and manages the errors and communication.
We are developing the necessary equipment for the armored vehicles with the best technology and competitiveness to meet customer requirements such as an inverter control device that enables communication control and error status monitoring.

In addition, it has developed a durability test system to check for blower errors, manage cycles, and have the technology to test and evaluate durability.
We are constantly developing and securing innovative technologies in the field of defense industry, and are expanding the military controller development business.
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