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Nuclear Business
Since founded in 1993, we are developing and supplying the monitoring, alarm and control system of nuclear power plant with 100% our own technology. In particular, we have developed the "Man Machine Interface System (MMIS)" which is one of the three core technologies of nuclear power plant, and supplied it to Shinhanwool 1, 2, and Shinkori 5, 6 units, thereby becoming the fourth company in the world that secures the core technology of nuclear power plant. On the basis of accumulated experience and technological insights, we have secured a total solution for development, design, production, testing, and maintenance of surveillance and control system in nuclear power field which demands highest safety and high reliability. We are expanding our supply range not only locally but also in overseas operations and newly constructed plants.
Maintenance Service Business
On the basis of our insights gained from the total solution including direct design, development, manufacturing, and test of digital monitoring, alarm and control systems, we are providing differentiated regular maintenance, overhaul maintenance, and emergency maintenance services in order to improve the operational efficiency of various systems installed and operating in power plants. We also enable plants to establish a long-term safety operation plan of the system by proposing improved system performance which reflects the latest technology, and by providing lifetime diagnosis of the system, as well as by eliminating the cause of trouble by precise diagnosis and analysis of system hardware, software, communication etc.
Woori Technology is providing maintenance service for nuclear power plants’ monitoring and control systems, which demand high technology and expertise, as well as five KEPCO thermal power plants with qualified service provider certification, providing high quality technical service.
Plant Business
We provide various industrial plants such as water treatment, environment, electric power and power generation with optimal SI (system integration) solutions based on our own control system (model name: OPERASYSTEM) and PLC. Our major customers are KEPCO' 5 thermal power generation companies, private power generation companies, local governments, EPC, and engineering companies. We are mainly focusing on the areas of process control solutions (water treatment, steel, power generation, chemicals), integrated control solutions (water, sewage, energy, demand forecast), distributed process control systems (integrated control of power plants, integrated control of water purification plants), and disaster control as well as integrated sewer control.
Quality Verification Business
Since founded in 1993, we have been leading the localization of the measurement control system of nuclear power plant.
On the basis of the insights gained from the design, development, production, testing of various systems, along with quality control and operating system, we have performed verification tasks such as verification of general standard product quality "CGID" and software verification "V & V". With all of them, we are leading the localization of the system as well as the quality verification system by securing systematically established professional staffs and professional technology that have provided quality service.
Therefore, Woori Technology contributes to the safety and reliability of domestic nuclear power plants by providing "CGID" and "V & V" services to domestic nuclear power facility suppliers with these technologies and manpower.
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